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Busy, Busy, Busy

Yes, as I have said in my title BUSY! That has been my life for the past few weeks. I have had a lots of editing to catch on and still be the busy mom and all the other titles that I am. I graduated this month from college so very excited about that. But I do plan on returning in the fall to take a few classes I still needed. I just designed my first trader card for my grandson t-ball photo. I love the way it turned out. I have so enjoy watching him play and can’t wait till next time around. Tomorrow I have a photo session with Evelyn. I can’t wait. A little 2 year old princess is what she is. So we are going to have a tea party and some other little fun stuff to do. Evelyn is my other grandbaby and we are expecting another one in October.  Then Savannah last week of school is coming up and she will be out for the summer. I love this time of year. I plan on lots of trips to the park and the lake. And of course lots, lots of photos!

This is the first time I design a trader card. I really enjoyed making this.

This is the first time I design a trader card. I really enjoyed making this.



Cleaning the base Whoo hoo and he is off! Don't I look cute! What you talking to me! Go Isaac Who me! I got this!! Happy Dance Catch that Ball

Had a great time this past weekend. I went to see Isaac play ball. He was so cute. Here is a few of his photos. Then Sat. I went to Evelyn 2 yr. birthday party. So a super fun but busy weekend with the family. I will post Evelyn photos later today. Hope you enjoy his photos.

Wedding Day April 20, 2013

Had the honor of photographing a sweet couple wedding this past weekend. I had so much fun creating lasting memories with them and their family. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek into their special day!


Such a sweet bride

Just love looking at how everyone is taking video of her singing!

Just love looking at how everyone is taking video of her singing!

Happy smiles Singing Love working with this couple Happy memories


As I sit here thinking about my photography. I wondered about what I hope to achieve when families look at their photos that I create for them. I hope my photos will make someone realize why they choose to marry that person. Or look at that sweet baby face and be thankful for that little bundle of joy. I hope that I can create a memory that will be forever lock in time. Something that they will always want to display and share. I hope that I can look back a few years down the road and be thankful for all that I have learned and can say that I shared that knowledge with others. I do look forward to May 4th when this photography degree dream is achieved. But I don’t want my learning to stop there. I never want to be afraid of someone stealing my ideas. But be willing to share them so that I may have new ones as well. I can’t wait to start a new road of learning and I hope that my photography will give you happiness, joy, love, and lots, lots of smiling faces!